Our Solution

Healthcare professionals face the day-to-day stresses of running a business, maintaining a full schedule, optimizing revenue, and keeping patients happy and loyal. The current healthcare environment adds more demands, including increased compliance requirements and reimbursement challenges. Opargo has been proven to maximize time, value, and revenue for a growing number of medical providers.

What Can Opargo Do For Your Practice?

Opargo’s solution focuses on delivering incremental value to healthcare providers through schedule optimization.

Opargo’s patent-pending solution takes into account healthcare insurance payment rates, office and procedure activities, historical practice demand, schedule availability, and other drivers to calculate maximum value.

What Can Opargo do for Your Practice?

Avarage Monthly Revenue
Average number of worked blocks in a month

Monthly Value from Opargo

Practice Focused on Control
Practice Focused on Optimization
  • Reimbursement Amount
  • Reimbursement Timing
  • Patient Type (New/Returning)


Results are based on typical performance of practices that have been optimized by Opargo and assume that the scheduler has fully adopted best practices as laid out by Opargo, LLC. Results are steady state values — there is a ramp-up transition to get to steady state results.