System Administrators

Opargo addresses the specialized needs of each provider, specialty group and health system as a whole. The Opargo solution is not only customized, but ensures each division stays in alignment with the system’s overall goals and objectives.

Increased Efficiency

Opargo’s scheduling solution makes your practice more efficient through schedule optimization based on what is important to each division or specialty group, such as revenue growth, visit type, or referral source.

Custom Approach

Our solution is tailored to each provider’s unique set of priorities, including:

  • referral sources
  • schedule preferences
  • health insurance reimbursement
  • preferred procedures
  • and more!

Full Integration

Opargo fully integrates with any practice management system, so there isn’t more work or effort for your team. It actually makes their lives easier because they don’t have to remember all the scheduling rules — we do it for them! Interested to see how Opargo may be customized for your workspace? Make an appointment today.

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