Take Back Control.

Opargo helps providers take back control by optimizing and streamlining the operations of your medical practice.

The Opargo solution is customized to your individual needs and choices. From the cases you want to see to your most important referral sources, Opargo conforms to your preferences.

When applied, your practice will realize additional revenue and benefit from:

  • decreased wait time
  • optimal scheduling of procedures
  • reduced down-time
  • fewer cancellations and mis-scheduled patients

Opargo fully integrates with your existing practice management system so there isn’t more work or effort for your team. In fact, it actually makes their lives easier because they won’t have to retain and update the many scheduling rules — we do it for them! Focus on what’s important to you: your patients. Let Opargo work behind the scenes to add efficiency to your practice.

Interested to see how Opargo be a customize fit for your office? Talk with us today, and step forward toward an optimized, efficient workspace.

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