Allscripts Guided Scheduling

Next up in automation...

All of the Robust Workflow Tools, Now in One Place

For the past three years, the Opargo team has had a strategic partnership with Allscripts and together we have brought you optimized scheduling alongside all of the existing Allscripts Practice Management workflow tools.

But APM Just Got Even Cooler...

New Fully Embedded Product

The Opargo engines will now be powering Allscripts Practice Management Open Times, delivering a fully embedded scheduling solution augmented by predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. With the 21.0 versions of APM, comes Allscripts Guided Scheduling. Your scheduling staff will be able to utilize all of the optimization engines from right within the APM application, allowing for an even more seamless experience and easy adoption.

The three Guided Scheduling engines will work behind the scenes of Allscripts Practice Management to ensure that your organization is the right kind of busy.

Optimization Engine

Prioritize symptoms, reduce no-shows, and improve referrals.

Rules Engine

Ensure all patients are scheduled properly based on insurance, visit, and location rules/allowances.

Dynamic Messaging Engine

Message to users based on specific searches and activities.