Opargo Joins Greenway Health Online Marketplace for Comprehensive Health IT Solutions

December 9, 2014, Irving, Texas – Opargo today announced that it has joined the Greenway Health online Marketplace of value-added partners for users of Greenway’s integrated electronic health record (EHR) and practice management solutions.Being named a Marketplace-approved partner signifies cooperative efforts between Opargo and Greenway to provide comprehensive, mission-critical health IT solutions that support the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective care.Opargo delivers incremental value to healthcare providers through schedule optimization. Providers using Opargo have experienced a 20 percent year-over-year revenue increase by automating efficiency into patient scheduling practices. There are no implementation or license fees for Opargo – instead, a share of incremental revenue – which eliminates risk to providers.The patent-pending, customizable system integrates the attributes most important to an individual practice, health system or provider — such as referral source, provider availability, reimbursement rates, location of service and diagnosis — to determine the value of each visit.High-value visits are given priority so that key patients don’t look for other providers, as extended wait times cause patients to “shop around.” Bookings made in Opargo are automatically passed into the Greenway system so that all down-line processes remain intact.Opargo ensures that patients are never denied care but instead are seen by the right providers at the right time.

“Membership in the Greenway Marketplace showcases our expertise in breakthrough healthcare IT and demonstrates our ability to complement Greenway Health solutions,” said Paul Wiley, co-founder and CEO of Opargo. “Our plan is to accelerate our customers’ success by serving as technology providers that ready them for forthcoming transformations in healthcare models.”

“The Greenway Marketplace showcases partners like Opargo that have developed innovative solutions highly complementary to Greenway,” said Greg Shilling, Greenway vice president of corporate development. “Our customers now have the option of adopting Opargo through the Marketplace with the assurance that it adds value to their Greenway implementation.”

About Opargo, LLC

Opargo optimizes the perishable inventory of time and returns free market economics to healthcare. The company’s predictive scheduling solution ensures that healthcare providers operate as efficiently as possible every day by prioritizing the attributes most important to individual healthcare providers, such as referral source, provider availability, reimbursement rates, location of service, diagnosis, and more. The patent-pending system leverages schedule-based revenue management principles from the airline and hospitality industries, and uses real-time data and predictive analytics to take back control of a practice. Visit www.opargo.com to learn more.


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