(Opargo Optimization) Readiness, Set, Grow!

The time to get the most accurate assessment of your health is not when you crawl into the doctor’s office with a sore throat, sinus infection, and chronic headache.

The time to get the most accurate assessment of your health is when you undergo a complete physical exam where your medical history, current condition, and future physical goals can be analyzed separately and within context of each other.

The same is true for your company’s well-being. It is pretty hard to give an accurate picture of your business priorities and processes when something has just blown up.

The Opargo team has seen and analyzed a sizable number and a wide variety of physician practices, surgery centers and healthcare systems with an eye toward optimizing their organizations. That’s what we do and that’s what we’re good at. What we’re finding, regardless of whether they’re a two-doctor group or a large hospital system, is that most don’t know what to do or even where to start in this intimidating but essential process. They often are just fixing the squeakiest wheel in that given moment.

So, what we initially do with clients is have them undergo our customized, in-depth, data-driven Opargo Optimization Readiness assessment to give them a past, present, and future look at their practice while also giving them options on how to best utilize all the data we’ve accumulated and analyzed.


The PAST: Where you’ve been and what you’ve done

Whether you’ve headed methodically and confidently in the direction of your corporate goals and achieved a sizeable number of them, struggled along the way with a less defined vision and methodology and achieved some of your goals, or had no business plan or systematic and only realized a few of your objectives, your past tells a lot of about your present. And plays an important role in determining your future.

We understand that. That’s why when we assess a practice, we pull 12-24 months of data around visits, revenue, appointment types, patient wait-time, schedule templates, referring providers, and more. Opargo then applies our complex optimization algorithms and predictive analytics to obtain baseline data from which we can demonstrate potential opportunities and efficiencies.

Using the same innovative technology that revolutionized the daily operations of the airline industry, Opargo uses big data and predictive analytics to discover the incredible possibilities of scheduling and managing physician offices and surgery centers. Just to give you an example of the scope, for a recent customer, Opargo optimized across 1.7 billion different combinations of variables in real time to determine the best appointment options.

That’s big data doing big-time work.


The PRESENT: Where you’re at and what you’re doing

The past has its place, to be sure, but there’s only so much you can do learn from it and it would be unwise to live there. It’s the present that will tell you where you’re headed because you can always alter your direction, make corrections along the way, and set off for alternative objectives. What Opargo does is takes the past and combine it with the present to get the most accurate view of exactly where you’re at.

So Opargo pinpoints specific practice dynamics—like visit types, provider profiles, booking behavior, schedule templates, and location and referral options—and looks to pinpoint current realities and tendencies. We can uncover data that is difficult to obtain and create, but we can also benchmark your performance against other practices and the industry as a whole.

Based on our findings in these areas, we can find concrete and detailed information on areas like these:

Who are your busiest providers?

  • Which providers are busy, but not necessarily efficient?
  • What are your average patient wait times by appointment type?
  • Who are your top referral sources by volume and value?
  • What is a good volume to value ratio of referral sources?
  • Are your schedule templates an accurate reflection of your historical and predicted demand?
  • How should appointment types be structured to improve patient care and practice efficiency?

That’s big data giving better insight.


The FUTURE: Where you’re going and what you want to be

Just as the past and present have their usefulness and limitations, it’s the future that will most accurately dictate, well, your future. It’s like the often-used quote, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”  You need to improve or you will fall apart.

That’s where The Opargo Effect comes in and we take the guesswork out of practice scheduling and management by leveraging standard deviations and historical demand to understand and optimize realistic expectations. Opargo only provides insights and recommendations that are truly actionable in a meaningful way and customized to your specific needs.

Once Opargo obtains a detailed and in-depth look at your operations, values, and objectives, we will then provide you with the insights—and the tools and mechanism—to partner with you in making your organizational aspirations a reality.

That’s big data providing you the best look at your practice from a past, present, and future perspective.

The time to get an accurate assessment, diagnosis, and prescription for your company’s well-being isn’t when you’re facing setbacks, sidetracks, and life-threatening issues. It’s right now, when you can take a deep, concentrated, and thorough look back, around, and ahead and make the decisions today that will have ultimate consequences tomorrow.