Clinic Optimization

Optimize patient care while running your practice as efficiently as possible.

The heart of Opargo has always been our Opargo Clinic Optimization tool. It’s where we first began — inspired by our initial vision of using predictive analytics to improve patient care and optimize individual physician practice schedules. That way they’re not just busy, but the right kind of busy on behalf and patients and providers


The Optimization Effect
Using the same innovative technology — yield management — that revolutionized the daily operations of the airline industry, Opargo uses big data and predictive analytics to deliver the incredible possibilities of healthcare scheduling and management. That’s using big data to do big-time work.

The Personalization Effect
Opargo can be so personalized and effective because it takes past histories and combines them with current best practices to get the optimal operational view. It then pinpoints specific dynamics and looks for current realities and tendencies. By identifying appointment types, times, and tendencies, and then booking them based on priorities, providers can improve operational efficiency, maximize staff and resources, accelerate revenue, and ensure patients receive the highest quality of care.

The Opargo Effect
That’s where The Opargo Effect comes in. We take the guesswork out of practice scheduling and management by leveraging market benchmarks and individual practice historical data to predict realistic expectations.

Opargo allows you to be “the right kind of busy” to reach the utmost goals of your practice or healthcare system.

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