Surgery Optimization

When things work, people notice. That’s why we created Opargo Surgery Optimization.

After refining and transforming individual physician practices – while improving patient care in the process – it wasn’t long until we were approached about leveraging the same strategies and technology we used with individual practices and apply them to a different market: surgery centers and health system operating rooms.


A daunting dilemma
In the typical surgery center or health system operating room (though they’re all unique in their own way), there are a myriad of demands: knowing block times of different surgeons, understanding what times are available, ensuring the proper equipment in rooms, and scheduling the procedures in the multiple systems. And that’s just to understand the “when and how to book.”

Surgery requires an additional compliance and paperwork journey, which includes everything from pre-operative labs to surgical histories and physicals, which can potentially complicate, bog down, sidetrack, and overwhelm the process. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the HIPAA risks that take place in some of the current processes.


A sensible solution
Opargo’s solution is simple: improve surgery scheduling through block time and room optimization and simplify the scheduling process.

From an optimization perspective, we do that by looking at historical demand and the rules associated with scheduling surgeries to understand how rooms are best used: by whom (what surgeons), for what reasons (what procedures), and why (what specialties are associated with each provider).

From a scheduling perspective, Opargo allows surgeries to be scheduled in both the clinic schedule as well as the surgery center schedule in one simple, online process.  All the necessary surgical paperwork is then automatically passed from the clinic to the surgery center or health system.

By taking the extensive surgery checklists and allowing Opargo’s sophisticated and personalized optimization engine to do what it does best – put the right people in the right place at the right time – providers can do what they do best – work with patients and ensure they get the highest quality healthcare possible.

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