Direct Scheduling

Giving patients the power to schedule their own appointments... the way you want them to.

About Direct Scheduling

What is it?

Direct Scheduling is the first patient self-scheduling tool that promotes the goals of your organization at the time of scheduling.  Online self-scheduling is not a new concept, but we wanted to do it in a better way. That’s why we have built our product with our optimization and rules engines behind it. 

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How We're Different

Mobile and desktop interfaces allow patients to schedule at your organization from wherever they are, combined with optimization engines to promote the goals of your practice and providers. Direct Scheduling increases patient access to care, and aides in the practice’s acquisition of new patients who are more inclined to schedule with organizations who have online platforms. 

Provider Control

Provider rules and preferences are always taken into account so that a patient will never be scheduled with a provider that doesn’t accept their insurance. Your team decides what appointments, time slots, and patients are eligible to be scheduled online.


The voice of your practice remains intact with real-time messaging that guides patients through the scheduling process. Specific nuances about the visit, the patient, or insurance rules can be displayed to ensure accuracy when scheduling.


Allowing patients to schedule their own appointments helps to augment your administrative staff. Combining this reduced workload with our powerful optimization engines allows for increased efficiency throughout all areas of the practice. 

Direct Scheduling

How it Works:

The Opargo implementation team is here to guide your organization through the process of configuration. We can make recommendations that ensure a smooth transition for your staff and your patients. 

Interested in Direct Scheduling?

We are ready to help you empower your patients to schedule their own appointments. Reach out to one of our team members today to begin the process.