Healthcare: Old and Cold but Not Down and Out

Healthcare is so jacked up. I’m telling you, the fact that the fax machine is still alive and working is only because of healthcare. I’m honestly amazed at how behind the business side of this industry is from a technology perspective.

But I’m also excited for what we can do if we bring big data and all its possibilities into physician offices and surgical centers. What an opportunity! And even though healthcare is challenged, companies like Opargo are finding success because the industry needs innovators and like-minded proponents to be able to push the technology forward.

And it’s something that will not only help the industry, it also helps patients. Patients will receive improved care due to companies like Opargo and other companies and applications that are leveraging data and learnings from other industries and bringing them into healthcare. Because when it’s all said and done, that’s what matters. We need to make sure that we’re running a better industry that will help people live healthier lives.

What’s fascinating is that we started Opargo with the idea of, “Hey, let’s help make doctor offices more efficient because that was a pain point.” That was the initial problem my co-founder, Dr. Aaron Lloyd, presented to me: Why was he working more and more and making less and less while a host of patients weren’t even able to get in and see him?

Using the same innovative technology that revolutionized the daily operations of the airline industry, we built Opargo, a practice optimization engine that predicts appointment types, times, and tendencies, and then books them based on office priorities. Practices and organizations can then gain more control of their schedules, improve efficiency, maximize staff and resources, accelerate revenue, and provide patients with higher quality care.

What’s been amazing is we’ve had health systems come to us and say, “Can we leverage your technology?” We’ve had surgery centers come to us and say, “We’d like to use Opargo to make our surgery centers more effective.” We’ve had patient-facing applications come to us and say, “Can we use Opargo to schedule patients directly?”

It’s been fantastic to see the market respond and provide Opargo with the opportunity to be the engine that’s making the entire industry more efficient. Just as Intel’s microprocessor chip became an integral part of every computer’s operating system with “Intel Inside,” we feel Opargo can do the same for healthcare scheduling with “Opargo Inside.”

Let’s work together to make the healthcare industry one that is driving the future instead of trying to maintain the tendencies of the past.

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