Opargo named Allscripts App of the Month

Predictive analytics ensures healthcare practices deliver optimal patient care and efficient operations

In celebration of this announcement, Opargo has partnered with Valor Performance and Allscripts to share best practices on Optimism Conditioning and Controlling the Controllables from Olympian Iris Zimmerman and Valor/Opargo CEOs on an upcoming Allscripts client webcast.

Optimism Conditioning is part of Valor’s framework on performance mindset, supported by cross-disciplinary research and is the practice of noticing the positive, bouncing back from setbacks and preparing for success. As neuroscience, psychology and social science supports, optimism can be cultivated and isn’t a fixed attribute. One of the tenets of Optimism Conditioning is focusing on the critical things that are able to be controlled.

Olympic athletes like Valor Coach and fencer Iris Zimmerman have used these principles to train and win in the highest athletic competitions. They prepare for what is coming and in doing so focus on the most important things within their control.

Similar to Olympic athletes, healthcare organizations must be conditioned to focus on things that are within their control to deliver optimal care for patients and efficiently run their practices. And in this time of COVID-19, the patient/organization balancing act has become more difficult. This is why it is crucial that healthcare organizations focus on the critical things that they can control.

Opargo’s solution uses predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to help practices control the controllables that can have significant downline impact on patients or a practice’s efficiency.


  • Reduces the impact of last-minute changes/cancellations/no-shows by visit type and time of day
  • Ensures high-need appointments have available slots to be scheduled
  • Understands which providers are less busy and are likely to need additional visits based on schedules, seasonality and overall demand


Join a webinar on Wednesday, September 30 at 1 p.m. EDT to learn more. Opargo is honored to be part of Allscripts Developer Program (ADP). Allscripts is a leader in EHR interoperability and healthcare information technology solutions that advance clinical, financial and operational results across an Open platform. Allscripts clients can learn more about Opargo for Allscripts Practice Management™ on the Allscripts Application Store.

About Valor

Valor is a leadership and performance mindset coaching platform, providing digital training, sustainable strategies, and measurable insights for the modern work environment. The Valor experience gives executives, managers, and high potentials the competitive advantage of a world-class performance coach to ignite and sustain peak performance while helping them navigate new opportunities and challenges in our constantly changing business and work environments. Valor’s software platform is designed to help companies close the professional training gap through a dynamic, measurable, and self-guided curriculum on Valor’s proven framework of performance mindset. To learn more, visit www.valorperform.com

About Opargo

Opargo is a healthcare optimization engine that utilizes the same innovative technology that revolutionized the daily operations of the airline industry and applies it to practices, health systems and surgery centers. Opargo technology helps to maximize time, value, priorities, preferences, revenue, and patient care for a growing number of medical providers across the country. Opargo’s optimization technology partners with practice management systems and puts healthcare professionals in control of the ever-changing and ever-increasing demands of their practices and surgery centers.  To learn more, visit www.opargo.com.