Opargo Clinic Optimization

Letting big data do the big-time work

Optimize patient care while running your practice as efficiently as possible.

Provider rules, preferences & priorities are automated in real time with the practice goals at the forefront.

Where We Started

The heart of Opargo has always been our Opargo Clinic Optimization tool. It’s where we first began – our initial vision of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to improve patient care and optimize individual physician and practice schedules. 

Using the same innovative technology – yield management – that revolutionized the airline industry, Opargo uses artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to deliver the incredible value in healthcare scheduling and management. 

How it Works

Your scheduling staff will use Opargo Clinic Optimization (SaaS Solution) to schedule every visit according to your organization’s goals.

3 engines work simultaneously to drive optimal practice efficiency and improve patient care:

Optimization Engine

prioritize symptoms, reduce no-shows, improve referrals

Rules Engine

ensure patient visits are scheduled properly based on provider preferences, insurance, and location rules and allowances

Dynamic Messaging Engine

Message to users based on specific searches and activities like gender, age, frequency, pre-authorization, location, etc

Artificial Intelligence Keeps on Working...

After implementation, we continue to provide valuable insights to your practice leaders to ensure on-going optimization, and that ever-changing organizational goals are met.