Opargo Optimization Readiness Assessment

Everyone wants to be optimized... but not everyone knows where to start.

Do you want to understand the full impact of your scheduling data?

Understanding your practice’s data from scheduling to full claims adjudication can allow you to see actionable steps to take toward utilization and efficiency improvement. Read more about the assessment below, or get started today and start scheduling patients more efficiently. 

About OpReady

What is it?

The Opargo Optimization Readiness Assessment is a personalized, data driven assessment that uses your practice management data to provide valuable insights to improve patient care, operational efficiencies, and your organizational goals.

How it Works

Our data team has developed automated processes, so that we can focus on working with you. And all you have to do… is nothing.

Step One

We start by pulling 12-24 months of practice management data around visits, revenue, wait times, and schedule templates  – to name a few. 

Step Two

Once we get an in-depth look at your organization’s current operations – and what your goals are – we then provide you with personalized, multi-faceted insights.

Step Three

These insights demonstrate where you’ve been, where you are, and where you go – toward improved patient care and increased practice efficiency. 

A Few Fun Metrics People Have Found Valuable

Advance Booking

How far in advance are appointments/certain appointment types being scheduled?

The impact: Patients waiting longer than 12 days for an appointment will typically schedule elsewhere.

Schedule Churn

How far in advance are appointments being changed? What are the most common reasons for change?

The impact: Understanding these trends will give your practice the ability to plan accordingly.


What are different insurance carriers reimbursing to practices for the exact same things?

The impact: Understanding these ranges can allow you to prioritize visits based on insurance carriers.

How Can we Make the Data Work for You?

The Opargo implementation team will use this Optimization Readiness data to drive change in your organization based on its goals during Opargo Clinic Optimization. Clinic Optimization is a software solution that uses predictive analytics at the time of scheduling to help your providers be the right kind of busy.